Frequently Asked Questions

  • To enjoy synergy in buying and selling goods and services, Including low prices and low risks of defaults among others.  
  • To enjoy synergy in security 
  • To enjoy synergy in investments 
  • To enjoy assured payments after order delivery
  • To enjoy exact order deliveries
  • To enjoy untapped and unimagined means of livelihood
  • To discover zero risk "savetransact" of idle funds.
  • To avoid incidence of One Chance, or disappearance without trace
  • To enjoy prominent online presence

Kamchezreal is a business platform. The platform accommodates only verifiable people and activities. Registration is the first step towards authentication of users and intents.

Register Here

Verified account is an account with confirmed registration and profile update details. 

Profiles with VERIFIED status enjoy limitless access to kamchezreal features and gain great trust among kins. 

There are 2 ways to verify:

  • Express Verification - this is faster. You are required to provide your NIMC MobileID and BVN. However, provision of BVN is optional at verification. Express verification takes between minutes and 2 days after providing the required information. Get NIMC MobileID here Note that NIMC MobileID does not contain your NIN
  • Regular Verification - In the absence of, or lack of interest to provide NIMC MobileID, you are required to properly fill out all the address sections in Edit Profile. Duration of Regular verification not definite

Most of the features in Kamchezreal work with your profile information, including, but not limited to active email address, phone number, addresses, etc. You therefore need to provide the required information to enjoy the novel features, especially the REAL ADDRESS session.

In KAMCHEZREAL, you decide the privacy you desire. Go to Profile from Main Menu, click Edit Profile, check Privacy Settings below Profile Information and select what you want hidden from other users.

Please check our privacy policy to know more about data collection and usage. 

RaBPrice Centre (RaC)

To ensure security of lives and properties, locations are approved as bulk breaking centres. These locations are called RaBPrice Centres (RaCs)


1. RaBPrice Centre Operators (RaCOs) shall respond to requests for RaC within their areas of operations.

2. RaCOs shall provide secured places where KAMCHEZREAL kins or their proxies will share their bulk purchases

3. RaCOs shall ensure only concerned kins in any current transaction, or their appointed proxies who MUST be kins go KAMCHEZREAL, are allowed into the RaC per time.

4. RaCOs shall Liaise with BuGs to allocate  goods and services to identified buyers.

5. RaCOs shall apply ordinary precautions to safeguard kins and goods
6. Upon request by either buyers or sellers, RaCOs may keep custody of their allocated or remaing goods as the case may be. This service shall be at costs not more than 0.5% of the value per day, starting from noon to the next noon.

6. RaCOs shall receive 1% of value of the goods and services from seller as reward. 
7. RaCOs shall pay any applicable Government taxes and levies relating only to their reward.

1. Full registration and verification

2. Placement of interest yielding cash collateral valued at minimum 15% of the intended category. This  collateral is held in the bank approved by Kamchezbook Ltd and having Kamchezbook Limited as the named beneficiary. At the lapse of time, or upon request, the collateral and all accrued interests shall revert back to RaCO with the approval of Kamchezbook Limited, after confirmation of no default.  

3. RaCO MUST never be a buyer or seller in any transaction he/she is serving as a RaCO

REAL MENTORS - REALMS are the VIPs in Kamchezreal

1. Update and verify your KAMCHEZREAL account.

2. Convert your 4Fs (Family, Friends, Followers and Fans) to mentees by getting them registered and verified with your link. 

The current number of Mentees needed to be in RealMs (Qualifying Number) is 50. 

There will be 14 days advance notice whenever the number will change.

Changes in qualifying number will not be applicable to Qualified RealMs. 

Mentees are not allowed to change Mentors till after 3 years, if they wish to.


1st RealM to 4th RealM

1st RealM with
50-200 verified and active mentees 


3 years renewable membership of Kamchez Real Apex Conference(KRAC)

All expenses paid Basic Trip to KRAC

Entitled to 5k monthly cash reward from 3rd month in 1st RealM.

2nd RealM with
201-500 verified and active mentees.


3 years renewable membership of Kamchez Real Apex Conference(KRAC)

All expenses paid Lite Trip to KRAC

Qualified for NGN500,000.00 - NGN1,000,000.00 interest free loan, from 6 months in 2nd RealM

Entitled to 10k monthly cash reward from 3rd  month in 2nd RealM. 

3rd RealM with
501-1000 verified and active mentees.


3 years membership of Kamchez Real Apex Conference(KRAC)

All expenses paid Executive Trip to KRAC

Qualified for NGN500,000.00 - NGN2,500,000.00 interest free loan after 6months 3rd RealM

Entitled to NGN40,000.00 monthly  reward from 3rd month in 3rd RealM.

4th RealM with
1001 and above verified and active Real Mentees


Permanent membership of Kamchez Real Apex Conference(KRAC)

All expenses paid Executive Trip to KRAC 

Qualified for NGN500,000.00 - NGN100,000,000.00 interest free loan after 6months in 4th RealM. 

Entitled to NGN100,000.00 monthly reward from 3rd month in 4th ReaIM.

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You need groups to properly conclude and vouch some transactions in Kamchezreal

1.  Go to main menu. 2. Click on Groups and sign in again, if requested to. You will not be requested to sign in all the time  3. Click on "CREATE GROUP" below "search for groups'.  4. Add Group Name. Choose a name that relates to the purpose. 5. Make a brief description to reveal important aspects of the  Group, including subject matter, locations, date, time, etc. as the case may be . 5. Click 'CREATE GROUP" under description. 6. Click on the group to add members, group image if needed, view members, make group chats and video conference as required.


Real address is the address kamchezreal recognises to send you real requests to sell, buy or engage in other transactions of your choice. Though kamchezreal already has a feature (kamfollow) that searches your location on the map where you so choose, it is advisable to make real address dynamic as your second location option, by consciously editing it at intervals to suit your purpose at all times.  There is no limit to how many times real address can be edited. 

Scroll down main menu, open profile, open profile details, scroll to the bottom end and copy or share your profile link

This is recommended to take advantage of all the features there are in kamchezreal. However, you may ignore information not applicable or you do not intend to reveal. Never forget to provide Real Address so you can enjoy the privilege of app to user connect. Remember, you can choose what you want revealed or concealed. Your choice of verification will determine if additional information is required.

Kamchezreal generated unique name that serves as user name when accessing kamchezreal app. It a product of the name you supplied during registration and your chosen profession. Note that PROFESSIONS simply reprent interests, or goods and services of trade and practice in kamchezreal. Your chosen profession at registration does not limit your access to other professions after registration.

PROFESSIONS are interests, or goods and services of trade and practice, orderly arranged for easy search. in kamchezreal. Note that profession and directory are used interchangeably in kamchezreal 

KCI means Kamchereal ID. It is a six digits alphanumeric code that serves same purpose as REALNAME, where you do not intend to use your REALNAME.  

Real Request is the feature that allows requests for transactions to be made and received for professions, trades, services, and every other activities of interests across kins and communities in kamchezreal 

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Security is both a personal and collective responsibility. Real Meet is an undeniable proof of your physical meeting or contact with persons or groups. In any event of unexpected loss of trace, your chosen next of kin will receive a notification of your undischarged Real Meet after a set period, within the day or night.

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Kamfollow is a feature that allows a user to turn on background location by clicking on the location privacy button. 

With Kamfollow, you can both see, and be  seen by other KINS for safe and secure engagements in every issue within the directory and distance you may set per time

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